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On May 9th, 2006, Carbonated Games released an amazing new way to play UNO: UNO® for Xbox Live. Prior to this release, Xbox Live was a simple multiplayer dungeon where avatars could get together and do whatever. But the release of UNO® for Xbox transformed the interactive community into a dynamic UNO playground.

As you might imagine, the UNOtips team was there from the start. In the years since, the online UNO population has exploded. While the UNOtips team supports anything that furthers the advancement and popularity of the game, we have also written to the Carbonated Games team a number of times to help them do a better job of matching players based on their relative skill level.

In the screenshot below, you can see how one of our members, Adam (gamertag: Kristof_88) fared against a group of unsuspecting online participants.

Here, he's halfway through an execution of Fianchetto's offense (second derivative) and even the layman can predict how this game is going to end.

The UNOtips team recommends that local UNOtips chapter members who are involved in online UNO share gamertags with one another to allow professionals and aspiring amateurs to play together. Games like the one above aren't fun for anyone involved.

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