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Good News and Bad News

First, the good news.

Roadtrip! To take a much needed break, the entire UNOtips team has decided to take our newly restored VW van (big thanks to Adam for getting it all fixed up for us) on a tour of the southern states. We're going to roll down to see the original park in Chatanooga where John Kristoff took the notes that eventually become the UNOtips that you know and love today. After some visits with family and friends, we're going to swing through a few more states and pick up our new intern, Vivian, in Alabama.

Now, the bad news. We're not sure about internet access on the road. Because we're a team, the only person left manning the office is Karl's grandma. She's a nice lady, but we're just asking her to come by a few times a week, feed the fish and water the plants. She won't be checking the answering machine and you know she won't be logging into the email account, so we'll do our best to check in at libraries and other public internet spots along the way.

Unfortunately, our boys in Bulgaria (that's what we call our friendly engineering team, and yes, they are in Bulgaria (Благодаря, guys!) can't join us on the trip. They will, however, hopefully get all the problems with the forum fixed by the time we get back, so we'll post all the photos there.

In the meantime, watch for updates to the blog while we're on the road. Hopefully we'll get a chance to share some stories along the way!

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