UNO: Official Rules and Strategy Guides

There's no denying it. UNO takes on extremely different characteristics depending on the size of the game. Officially, the game can be played with between two and ten players, but we have the inside scoop on how to play it by your lonesome.

We've also compiled some of the best research done to date on UNO game-play and have spelled out special guides for two, three, four and multi-player games. Enjoy!

The Official Rules of UNO

If you're serious about playing UNO at a professional level, you're going to need to know the official rules of UNO inside and out. If you've lost your original copy, we've got a PDF version of the official rules that come with the deck. But if you're ready to really push the envelope, read on to learn how to play UNO the way the masters do.

UNO Solitaire

UNO Solitaire is an unauthorized variant of UNO, played with a classic UNO deck. It's a great way to pass the time, sharpen your card identification and shuffling skills, and is an excellent introduction to The Silva Method.

Two Player UNO: Pas de Deux

Sometimes known as "The Devil's Dance," two player UNO has extremely different game dynamics than large-group UNO. A true battle of wills, where advantage in the game can shift rapidly and unpredictably, couple's UNO is not for the feint of heart.

The Eternal Triangle: UNO for Three

Henri-Pierre Roché, noted Dada author and UNO enthusiast, wrote extensively about three player UNO in his book Jules et Jim, later adapted for the screen by François Truffaut. By taking unnecessary liberties while transferring the material from the page to the screen, Truffaut completely leaves out the rich UNO subtext, but we have summarized Roché''s key principles in our guide.

Four Player UNO

The archetypal game of the nuclear family, four player UNO is the most commonly played variant of UNO. But common does not imply ordinary; there are many ways to gain advantage, and our guide will show you how.

Multi-Player UNO

Any game of UNO with between five and ten players is collectively known as "Party UNO." It can be the most fun to play, but don't let camaraderie get in the way of winning. It is still a competition, after all. Our guide to Multi-Player UNO will give you the skills you need to be the life of the party and the ultimate victor.

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