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The staff at UNOtips.org is always on the lookout for new and exciting products that can really take gameplay to the next level. This week we're reviewing two amazing new extensions to the UNO line.

UNO H20 Splash Game

Mattel UNO H2O Splash Game

Everybody loves UNO. And everybody loves gettin' wet! And now, with UNO H20, you can do both! The concept is brilliantly simple: waterproof UNO cards!

This means you can take them to the beach, by the pool, or even on a boat! In times past, an UNO enthusiast might have needed to laminate their UNO cards by hand, which (trust us) is a long and tedious process. Or, she might have been a real drag at the pool party, yelling at people to not get the cards wet. No more. With these waterproof cards, you can splish-splash all you want.

Note: (gameplay is the same as Classic UNO ).

UNO Attack!

When the UNOtips team first took a look at UNO Attack, we thought that we might have a 'gimmick' on our hands, but after a few hours of heart pounding excitement, we knew UNO Attack was here to stay!

Instead of the standard 108 card deck, UNO Attack ads the exciting dimension of Hit Cards. Oh, no! When you get a Hit Card, you have to press the button on the UNO Attack card-spewing console.

It's like a game of Russian Roulette, except you play with your friends, and instead of bullets, out come UNO cards!

Uno Attack

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